Chess Kid Membership

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2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA
Aug 29 2019
Aug 31 2020
ChessKid Membership


ChessKid Special Offer

We are happy to present our partnership with , the best online chess platform for kids.

ChessKid is fun, safe and educational

With a Gold Membership, your kid will enjoy these features:

  • Unlimited puzzles to solve.
  • Interactive videos that explain opening, strategy principles, calculation techniques and more in a unique way.
  • Play online against kids from our club or anywhere around the world.
  • Puzzle duel. Compete solving puzzles against kids from different countries.

Chess Kid is ideal for beginners (learning to move pieces and basic chess principles), intermediate and advance kids (until a rating of 1800 USCF).

Memberships end in August 2020