King's Gambit Mayhem!

2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA
Oct 05 2019
Oct 06 2019
King's Gambit Mayhem

Prize fund

Based on 10 entries.
70% of paid of entries guaranteed


King's gambit 2 day (10/05/2019 - 10/06/2019)


King's Gambit mayhem


Max of byes: 2
Last round to request a bye: 2
Number of rounds in tourney: 4


2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA


4 Round Swiss Tournament


 Rounds Sat: 11am, 4pm

             Sun: 12pm, 4:30pm

 ALL Chess game begin 1)e4 e5 2)f4?!

  Everyone must play King's gambit or against King's Gambit for all 4 rounds!

   (as Black you may choose to accept the King's Gambit or decline it)

  Entry fee is $30.00

   70% of entries will be paid back out in Prizes.

   Best game prize with the White Pieces $25.00

   Best game prize with the Black pieces $25.00

   this is a King's Gambit themed tournament!