Friday Night Online - Novice - Fall Three 2021

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Nov 05 2021
Dec 17 2021
Friday Night Novice
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No class on November 26


This session is online.


This class is for beginner students. This will teach the names of the pieces, how they move, how to play a full game and some basic strategy. 
Using a combination of Zoom and, our instructors first give a lesson, consisting of solving puzzles and learning model games, and afterwards the students play each other in a private online tournament with the instructor supervising and encouraging.


INSTRUCTOR: Cate Lauster, aka Coach Cate

Class dates

11/05/2021, 11/12/2021, 11/19/2021, 12/03/2021, 12/10/2021, 12/17/2021


Participants must currently be in grades kindergarten to 5.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 8

Registration period

Registration starts on 10/16/2021 and ends on 12/17/2021.

Online location


Link: The zoom link will be emailed to you