BCS Advanced Summer Camp with WGM Carla Heredia Morning 9am-12pm

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2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA
Jul 10 2023
Jul 21 2023


Advanced Camp WGM Heredia Week 1 (07/10/2023-07/14/2023) Registration closed

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The week of July 10-14 is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Registration period

Registration for this schedule starts on 05/31/2023


Participants must currently be in grades 1 to 12.

In-person location

2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA


Join our fantastic Summer Chess Camp! 

Our summer camp will be fun, engaging and challenging! You can meet new friends who share
a love of chess while improving your game and learning new strategies. 

Our wonderful Berkeley Chess Center will provide a spacious and airy location for our camp,
with a large playground for lots of outdoor activities (weather permitting). Masks will be optional.

This Camp is for advanced chess students. Lectures will include very advanced tactics, and positional play. USCF Tournament history, and an USCF rating around 1000 or higher is strongly recommended.

WGM Carla Heredia is a Pan-American Champion, World Cup qualifier, Olympian and has 10 years of coaching experience

We hope you will join us this Summer!

Registration closed.